TAC Farming (Staking)

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, innovation is key. The MOOW App team is proud to introduce a groundbreaking feature: TAC Staking. This whitepaper outlines the mechanics and benefits of TAC Staking, a gamified approach to staking that leverages Pulse Tracker NFTs to determine APY. Staking rewards are drawn from our Ecosystem Incentives, creating a dynamic and responsive staking environment.

1. Introduction

The MOOW App ecosystem is built on the principles of engagement, innovation, and sustainability. To further enhance the utility of the TAC token, we introduce TAC Staking, a unique and interactive approach to staking, transforming it into an engaging experience.

2. TAC Staking Mechanics

Staking with Pulse Tracker NFTs

Traditional staking methods are often mundane, lacking the engagement and excitement that the cryptocurrency space has to offer. TAC Staking, however, is different. To participate, users must stake their TAC coins alongside a Pulse Tracker NFT. These NFTs serve as the catalyst for staking and reward distribution.

APY Determined by Utility

The core innovation behind TAC Staking is the way APY is determined. Instead of a fixed rate, APY is intricately tied to the utility parameter of the staked Pulse Tracker NFT. The more utility a particular NFT offers, the higher the APY it provides. This innovative approach not only incentivizes active participation but also encourages users to contribute to the platform's utility.

3. Ecosystem Incentives Pool

One of the distinguishing features of TAC Staking is that the rewards come directly from our Ecosystem Incentives TAC Pool. This means that the availability of staking and the potential rewards will be subject to periodic openings and closures based on the availability of TAC. This approach ensures sustainability, community-driven growth, and a sense of exclusivity for participants.

4. Getting Started

Participating in TAC Staking is a straightforward process:

  1. MOOW App Installation: Download the MOOW App and complete the registration process.

  2. TAC Coin Acquisition: Ensure you have a sufficient balance of TAC coins in your MOOW wallet. You can obtain TAC through PancakeSwap DEX.

  3. Pulse Tracker NFTs: Acquire Pulse Tracker NFTs that match your staking preferences and desired utility.

  4. Staking and Earning: Pair your TAC coins with the chosen Pulse Tracker NFTs, stake them within the MOOW App, and begin earning APY based on the NFTs' utility.

5. Conclusion

TAC Staking is more than just a financial endeavor; it's a dynamic and interactive experience that rewards active participants in the MOOW ecosystem. Your Pulse Tracker NFTs become your strategic assets, and your rewards are directly tied to the value you bring to the community.

We invite you to join us in shaping the future of staking through TAC Staking on the MOOW App. Stay updated for further developments as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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