🟢Mi Band + iPhone

I. Install and set up Zepp Life (Formerly MiFit)

  1. Connecting the original Mi Band 3-7 to Zepp Life following the recommended steps in the app

Be aware that the Mi Band 7 Pro and Mi Band 8 may require installing Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear Lite)https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mi-fitness-xiaomi-wear-lite/id1493500777

The data transfer process is similar to Zepp Life.

II. Set up sync Zepp Life data with Apple Health

  1. Connecting to Apple Health is done as follows:

2.1 Open Zepp Life and go to the Profile tab.

2.2 Scroll just below and open “Add Accounts”.

2.3 Select “Health”.

  1. Open the Apple Health App and follow these steps:

3.1 Click the avatar in the upper right corner.

3.2 Click ”Apps” in the Privacy area.

3.3 Find “Zepp Life”

3.4 Select the health data types that Zepp Life is allowed to write, or simply press ”Turn On All”

3.5 Go back to the Apps menu and click on “MOOW” app

3.6 Check that Heart Rate is allowed “MOOW” to read

After the settings, data such as heart rate, steps, sleep, and weight will be synchronized to Apple Health

Once your data is synced with Apple Health, open the MOOW app and press “REVIEW ACTIVITIES” to “CLAIM TIC”.

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