The main aspects of Leaderboard


MOOW Leaderboard is a rating system that ranks players based on their TIC earnings within different time periods. The purpose of the Leaderboard is to create a competitive environment within the MOOW ecosystem, encouraging players to earn more TIC and improve their rankings.

Leaderboard Categories

The MOOW Leaderboard has three categories, which are All Time, This Week, and Today. These categories allow players to compare their TIC earnings with others within the same timeframe. The All Time category reflects a player's total TIC earnings since their account creation, while the This Week and Today categories track their TIC earnings within the current week and day, respectively.

Rewarding Mechanics

To incentivize players to earn more TIC and improve their rankings on the Leaderboard, there are rewarding mechanics tied to the Leaderboard positions. Players who rank high on the Leaderboard may receive free seasonal rewards or access to closed sales. This not only benefits the players but also contributes to the growth of the MOOW ecosystem.

Future Development

After the public launch, MOOW will introduce a TAC Leaderboard to take the competitive aspect to the next level. The TAC Leaderboard will track the TAC earnings.

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