1. Art Collecting Utility

Mint and collect unique Art NFTs using TIC and TAC coins


MOOW is Art based. All the MOOW NFTs are created by Artists. And collectible aspect is MOOW's heart.

MOOW provides users with option to collect original NFT Art that is used to create NFT Pulse Tracker.

These NFTs do not affect game mechanics but they are super engaging to collect them.

If you mint an Art NFT from a Tracker, the battery of this Tracker becomes unlimited, so no need to charge it anymore!

What are these NFTs?

They are true pieces of art for sure. The very first point that there will be 2 main types of NFT collections:

  1. Special Collections. The most rare and unique NFTs hand painted by Artists.

  2. Generative Collections. These NFTs are created with MOOW neural engine by Misha Libertee curation or any other AI we are partnering.

All the NFTs have Rarity Traits:

  1. Season

  2. Collection

  3. Date Created

  4. Artist

  5. Secret Properties

How to mint Art NFT?

  1. User must have an MOOW level 20-30 NFT Tracker to mint Art NFT.

  2. Then user has an option to pay some amount of TIC and TAC to mint Art NFT.

  3. Art NFT is minted and displayed on Inventory.

  4. It's possible to mint Art NFT only once for each NFT Tracker. Mint status is always displayed on the Tracker Page.

Art NFT Progressive Minting Cost (PMC)

PMC is used to regulate Art NFT minting prices.

As in the real economy prices in MOOW are increasing too. There is a special algorithm that updates the minting prices in TIC and TAC every day at 00:00 UTC - Progressive Minting Cost.

Current Minting Price - the prices that are actually available to mint a new Art NFT in TIC and TAC.

Coefficient - a number that determines price growth.

TIC Coefficient = 50

TAC Coefficient = 2

Total Number of Mints Today - the amount of minted Art NFTs in the last 24 hours.

PMC is calculated separately for each Art Season and each currency!

For example, there are 2 Art Seasons in MOOW:

1 000 Season 1 Artworks are minted, the next Minting price will be 51 000 TIC + 2 010 TAC.

10 Season 2 Artworks are minted, the next Minting price will be 1 500 TIC + 30 TAC.

The same rule will be applied for all the upcoming Art Seasons.

It is possible to mint any Art of any Season at any time, while supply of the Trackers with unminted Art lasts.

Art NFT TIC-TAC Balancer

It is important to strike a balance between TIC and TAC in costs. There is a special algorithm that balances it once a week at 10:00 UTC on Sunday.

The idea behind the TIC-TAC Balancer is to maintain 50%-50% of the TIC and TAC balance in USDT equivalent at Mint Prices.


How to buy or sell Art NFT?

All the Art NFTs are tradable on the MOOW In-Game Marketplace or external marketplaces as usual NFT.

We recommend to use official In-Game Marketplace!

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