🟡Garmin + Android

I. Install and set up Google Fit

1 Installing Google Fit ― https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.fitness

2 Setting up Google Fit is done as follows:

2.1 Open the program and click “Continue as…”.

2.2 Enter the data: sex, date of birth, weight, and height,

2.3 and click “Next”.

2.4 Give permission ― “Turn on” or refuse ― “No thanks” to run the program in the background and automatically track activity. Recommended option to turn this mode on.

2.5 Press “ALLOW” to confirm your permission.

2.6 Give permission ― “Turn on” or refuse ― “No thanks” to use your location. Selecting this option does not affect the operation of MOOW, so choose what suits you best.

2.7 Click on the preferred button if you have selected to turn on the use of the location.

2.9 After these steps, the main Google Fit page opens. It has information about activity duration, cardio points, steps, calories dropped, distance travelled, etc. Initially, all the data is “at zero”, but it will be updated as soon as the tracker is connected.

II. How to sync Garmin Connect to Google Fit with Health Sync?

A third-party app like Health Sync is a solution to make the bridge between Garmin Connect data and Google Fit. Health Sync is an app available on Google Play Store which is specialized in linking apps that don’t natively talk to each other.

>> Cost: $3.26 for lifetime access <<

(or $0.81 every 6 months)

/!\ Price may vary!

Health Sync is not free but there is an 8-day trial period to help you decide if it is worth it for you. And the $3.26 fee is forever, so no need to pay again. So it is a pretty good deal.

If you really wish for a fully free option, you can go directly to option 2.

If you use Google fit on an iPhone (who am I to judge? ^^), then please go directly to option 2 as Health Sync does not exist in the Apple Store.

Steps to use Health Sync to get Garmin data in Google Fit

  1. Download Health Sync on your phone from Google Play Store

  2. Open Health Sync

  3. Follow on-screen instructions for app initialization:

    1. Select Garmin as the base sync source (it’s the app you want the data to sync from)

    2. Select Google Fit as the Sync Configuration (where you want the data to go to)

Now you have to set up the connection to both apps (Garmin Connect and Google Fit) to give access to Health Sync to them. This is mandatory for it to work.

  • Click on Declaration of consent and accept

  • Click on Check Google Account Connection to ensure the account is working

It will ask you to check if you have other apps connected to Google Fit to ensure that Google Fit won’t sum the same activities. Additionally, you should check that Google Fit is not tracking the steps using your phone if you want Garmin’s data from your watch instead. Otherwise your steps will be counted twice.

To do so:

  • Open Google Fit

  • In Profile > Settings under Tracking Preferences, ” Track your activities

  • Go back to Health Sync app

  • Click on Initialize Garmin Connection

  • Press ok and connect to your Garmin account as requested

  • You should now see a message saying “initialization finished

Give Permission to Health Sync to sync the data you wish to get in Google Fit.

As you can see in the picture below, you can select a number of parameters to sync from Garmin to Google Fit like steps, activities, sleep… I have selected them all to get everything into Google Fit.

You are now set up, the app will sync regularly the data from your Garmin to Google Fit. You can check when it was last synced at the bottom of the page under “sync status: ok”.

Source: https://joyfultriathlete.com/sync-garmin-to-google-fit/

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