Bullrunner Solo Mode

The Main Gaming Mode

Solo Mode Description

The game is played from a third-person perspective and the MOO runs automatically, with the player controlling their movements by swiping left or right to switch between three lanes, swiping up to jump, or swiping down to slide.

Along the way, the player can collect coins, which can be used to purchase power-ups, and hearts which enables Bull mode.

The obstacles in the game include B.E.A.R Walls and TIC Boxes, and the player must avoid them by jumping, sliding, or using a power-up. If the player collides with an obstacle, the game ends, and the player's score is tallied up based on how far they ran and how many coins they collected.

MOO can break TIC Boxes when in Bull mode, these boxes can include extra coins or rare collectibles!

The gameplay is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and skill, making it an exciting and addictive game.

Score and Leaderboard are an essential part of Bullrunner. The player's score is determined by how far they have run and how many coins they have collected before the game ends. The longer the player runs and the more coins they collect, the higher their score will be.

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Extra lives and Ads

  • When the player collides with an obstacle, and the game ends.

  • The player has an option to get 3 extra lives.

  • After each obstacle hit, the game offers the option to watch an ad to get 1 extra life.

  • If the player runs out of extra lives, the game ends, and the final score is calculated.

  • Player has an option not to watch ads and finish the game after the first obstacle hit!

MOO Holders always have 3 extra lives with no Ads!

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