2. MOOW Gaming Utility

Find out how TIC and TAC are useful in Bullrunner


Bullrunner is the first MOOW Ecosystem Game, read the story about it here.

The Game provides options to spend $TIC and $TAC for cool rewards or even get rewards for free!

Free options to Get Rewards - launched

This option is based on the Bullrunner Leaderboard and custom tasks!

To participate, simply subscribe to the MOOW Announcements. We announce such events, rules and rewards manually!

Battle Mode - coming soon

PvP real-time mode.

Compete in the free mode for Elo only, or bet TIC and TAC against other players in PRO mode.

Spend TIC or TAC to get Powerful Rewards - coming soon

Exchange TIC and TAC for Valuable Rewards and Rare In-Game collectibles.

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