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Bullrunner Game Intro

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Bullrunner is a new and engaging running game available for iOS and Android devices. Our primary focus is to create an interesting and enjoyable gaming experience, rather than just a tool for displaying ads. Our goal is to design Bullrunner in a way that keeps our players and community happy.

Monetisation, Ads, and Rewards

Bullrunner is a completely free game, and there is no need for registration. As a business, we understand the need for generating cash flow, and we have implemented simple and non-intrusive ads. Players can choose to watch ads or not, depending on their preference.

To participate in the leaderboard and earn rewards, players must log in. The login process is straightforward, and players can use the same email for both the MOOW app and Bullrunner to merge progress and receive additional rewards.

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Future Plans

While the current version of Bullrunner features one solo running mode and a leaderboard, our plans for the game's future are ambitious. We are working on incorporating additional features, such as bonuses and features for MOO holders, a real-time multiplayer battle mode with the option to compete for free or with $TIC or $TAC betting, and the ability to spend $TIC and $TAC to unlock in-game collectibles and extra features.

Acquiring Web2 Users

We believe that Bullrunner will help us acquire Web2 users and convert them into Web3 users and MOOW enthusiasts. Bullrunner is an excellent way for the MOOW community to compete and have fun, whether they are serious gamers or just looking to kill some time.

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