[exploring] Social-Fi Network


Social-Fi Network will be developed in 2024

Social communication is a central aspect of MOOW that aggregates all the MOOW features.

Social-Fi mechanics are represented by 3 main features:

  1. Player profile

  2. User generated content (UGC)

  3. Guild and Guild profile

Player profile

Player profile is the central MOOW Social-Fi feature that contains:

  1. User's Tracker and Art collection

  2. Achievements and rewards

  3. Elo rating and main stats

  4. Notable activities

  5. Own posts and content

  6. Followers and subscriptions

Users are able to convert their followers, views and likes to TIC and TAC coins.

It's impossible to abuse TIC & TAC earnings by fake followers and views.

All users have a hidden social score which is based on:

  1. NFT collection

  2. ELO rating and Leaderboard position

  3. Social activity in MOOW


User_1 has 1000 followers, all of them have 0 social score. Users 1 will receive 0 TIC or TAC.

User_2 has 100 followers with a good social score. User 2 will receive TIC and TAC reward based on views and likes.

That is the way MOOW stimulates User Generated Content production and controls fair rewards for it.

Guilds and guild profiles

MOOW team is inspired by performance of the Discord guilds. We've decided to implement a massive guild feature to MOOW.

Guild is a union of MOOW players with the idea to collaborate and fight together for the Guild Leaderboards and Guild rewards.

Guilds are clearly organized with special roles:

  1. Guild owner - Leader

  2. Guild managers

  3. Guild members

  4. Guild followers

What can guilds do?

  1. Build teammates to battle together for rewards.

  2. Organise a real DAO and monetise its treasury / NFT collection by renting NFTs. Read more in the article about MOOW x ASPIS DAO.

  3. Build Guild's social profile by growing followers. Guild's contents is monetizible also. All the earned TIC & TAC are collected in Guild's Treasury.

  4. Guild leader has the right to share Guild's profit with guild members after a voting.

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