Solo mode

The main Move-To-Earn Mode


The Basic Training game mode runs in the background, recording the daily activity of the User over the past 24 hours.

In this mode, players earn $TIC or $TAC tokens under the following conditions:

  1. You have at least one MOOW Pulse Tracker in the Inventory;

  2. You have a supported phone and a device that measures your Heart Rate and transfers it to Apple Health or Google Fit;

  3. There is available energy;

  4. The application determines the heart rate zones for the last 24 hours, the pulse in which corresponded to the selected Heart Rate Tracker;

  5. You managed to Claim $TIC tokens for eligible pulse zones in 24 hours.

The MOOW App has to access your Apple Health or Google Fit to track your Heart Rate.

TIC earnings

$TIC is our In-Game Token and is available to Trackers of any level.

TICearnings=ECāˆ—TAāˆ—(LegitTime)āˆ—(SystemParameter)TICearnings = EC*TA*(LegitTime)*(SystemParameter)

1. EC = Energy Consumption = 0,2 energy per 1 min (10 min = 2 energy);

2. TA = Total Accuracy = Base Accuracy + Accuracy level upgrade + MODs bonus Accuracy;

3. LegitTime = (Time in Tracker pulse zone range / time) WHILE EC LASTS;

4. SystemParameter is managed by MOOW Team;

Each Accuracy attribute makes a really strong boost of $TIC earnings. So, the level 1 Tracker and the level 10 Tracker earn completely different numbers.

TAC earnings

$TAC is our Governance Token and is available for high-end players with the level 30 Tracker only.

There will be an Allocation Pool of 148148 $TAC for each in-game day.

All TAC from this Pool are distributed once per day to all players based on the used Energy and Performance Attribute of the Pulse Trackers used to obtain the $TAC.

A special $TAC pool for MOO holders will also be launched. $TAC for this pool will be taken from the main Allocation Pool. Learn more about MOO.

This $TAC allocation rule will be in effect until the end of 2027, after which it will be changed.

Learn more in $TAC Tokenomics!

Heart Beats earnings

Heart Beats is a virtual In-Game currency. You cannot transfer, sell or buy it.

Each time you claim $TIC or $TAC, you earn Heart Beats, which are essential for various game mechanics such as leveling and minting.

For every claimed minute, you get 90-100 Heart Beats.

We do not recommend that you reach extreme heart rate zones! This will not affect HB's earnings. Moreover, it is dangerous!

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