4. Science-Fi Utility

[B2B] Scientist can stake TAC token to access MOOW users' Health Data

Science-Fi features can be developed in Q4 2023 or 2024. Still in Discovery, not approved yet.

Scientists show a huge demand on a personal health data. The most companies who access such kind of data are selling it and do not share profit with users.

We are here to change it. MOOW users will have a great possibility to monetize their Health Data if they want to do it.

MOOW will provide a service for simple and fair Health Data monetization by Dmitry Mikhaylov curation from National University of Singapore.

How does it work?

  1. MOOW user gives a permission to share his Health Data with scientist through secure protocol. It's simple to cancel this permission.

  2. Each time scientists access user's data, users receive a reward in TAC.

  3. Scientists can access the data if they stake TAC tokens only.

  4. All the interactions related with the assets or services (when are created in the system, who has access, when the access was granted, etc.) are tracked.

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