Learn more about MOOW Anti-cheating Systems and possible punishment

MOOW is a heart rate based game that aims to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. However, cheating undermines the spirit of fair play and can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of the game.

Strategies that MOOW uses to prevent cheating

Unique Device Identifiers

MOOW uses unique device identifiers, such as IMEI numbers and IP addresses, to identify and track each user. This strategy helps to prevent users from using the same device to create multiple accounts, ensuring that each account represents a unique player.

Heart Rate Data Validation

Heart rate data validation is essential to ensure the authenticity of the data and prevent artificially generated data from being used to gain an unfair advantage. MOOW validates heart rate data by comparing it against a baseline or expected range of values for a given activity level.

Monitoring User Behavior

Monitoring user behavior helps detect fraudulent patterns or anomalies within the game. MOOW monitors user behavior to identify users who consistently achieve unusually long eligible pulse zones.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms helps prevent cheating by analyzing heart rate data and identifying patterns that may indicate fraudulent behavior. These algorithms detects anomalies in heart rate data, identify patterns in user behavior, and predict the likelihood of fraud based on historical data.


Any kind of use of multiple accounts is prohibited!

Any kind of manual heart rate data reporting is prohibited!

It's easy to connect multiple accounts to one heart rate data set. But just as easy to do, it's just as easy to catch. If you get caught, you are banned permanently, and your assets will be confiscated.

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