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Welcome to the MOOW App Referral Event Feature Documentation. This feature allows existing MOOW players to invite new players to the game using their referral codes. In return, both the referrer and the referee benefit from the referral, and players can track their referrals' progress and earnings. This document provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Referral Event Feature.

1. Getting Started

1.1. How to Find Your Referral Code

To participate in the Referral Event and invite new players, you need to locate your unique referral code. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the MOOW App.

  2. Navigate to the Referral Event Page on the widget tab.

  3. In the Referral Event Page, you will find your unique referral code displayed in the widget.

1.2. Inviting New Players

New players can enter your referral code during the registration process to receive additional benefits. Here's how:

  1. When a new player is registering for MOOW, they will come across a field where they can enter a referral code.

  2. They should enter your unique referral code provided to them.

  3. Upon successful registration, the new player will receive a level 10 Pulse Tracker instead of the standard level 1 Pulse Tracker.

IMPORTANT: Referral codes only work for new players who haven't registered with MOOW before!

2. Referral Rewards

2.1. New Player Rewards

New players who use a referral code during registration will receive the following rewards: A level 10 Pulse Tracker instead of a level 1 Pulse Tracker.

2.2. Referrer Rewards

As a referrer, you will earn rewards based on the performance of your referrals. You will receive 20% of all MOOW's earnings in TAC tokens generated by your referrals. These earnings will not be automatically added to your account, don't forget to claim it on the referral page!

TAC spendings generating referral rewards:

  1. Marketplace fees;

  2. Pulse Box mint;

  3. Art mint;

  4. Attributes reset;

  5. Level up

3. Tracking Referrals

In the Referral Program Page, you can view the following information:

  • Number of Referrals Registered: This displays the total count of new players who have registered using your referral code.

  • Total TAC Earnings: This shows the cumulative TAC tokens you have earned from your referrals.

  • Unclaimed TAC Earnings: This indicates the TAC tokens you've earned but have not yet claimed. You can claim these earnings at any time.


The MOOW App Referral Event Feature allows both existing and new players to benefit from referrals. Existing players can earn TAC tokens by inviting new players, while new players receive a valuable advantage upon registration. Use this documentation as a guide to make the most of this exciting feature and track your referrals' progress. If you have any questions or encounter issues, feel free to contact our support team for assistance. Enjoy MOOW and happy referring!

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